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 This is from a very concerned citizen. To make proper disclosures my wife is the City Clerk. I have lived in and around Shepherdsville most of my life. I am not nor will I ever run for office.

How soon we forget about the previous administration that put this City on the brink of bankruptcy. Borrowed $7 million to build a sewer line to a customer outside the City limits; didn’t pay bills for months; cashed in CDs that were to be held to guarantee ability to pay previous debt; spent funds meant for completion of a major sewer project—the City had to secure a $3.5 million loan to complete that work; didn’t purchase police vehicles for several years. 

This Mayor has managed to undo many of the wrongs that were put upon us by public servants that we had given our trust to. I do not need an open records request for this information because I have not missed a handful of Council meetings for over 4 years. Some of the residents that write letters complaining about pay raises and other issues have not been to enough meetings to make informed comments. Every one of us is entitled to our opinion but we should not make comments unless we are fully informed. 

I am a registered Democrat but I truly believe that the citizens (voters) of this City by far made the best decision it could have made by voting for a Mayor that has the best of all our interests in his decisions. 

Finally we voted for a group of Council members that so far have no personal agenda other than putting this City on solid financial footing and seeing that we have truly professional services throughout the entire City staff. Rather than pay police officers, firefighters, sewer, public works and office staff a fair competitive wage would you rather see us go back 15 years where most of these jobs were filled with family and friends of the elected? Most of the employees of our City are now true professionals. Our Sewer Department personnel are tested and licensed, police department are all trained professionals, fire department has constant training, the City office staff-our Controller is a CPA to oversee finances; not just a person who can keep books. Our City Clerk is certified by the Kentucky League of Cities, the personnel in all other departments have training in their job areas.

We as voters have made good decisions at the polls recently on the local level. Let’s continue on the path we’re on and hold everyone accountable and continue our present growth. 

Hubert Richmond