Correction needs; Volleyball moves back a full week

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By Mike Farner

 SHEPHERDSVILLE – I know this might be hard to believe, but every so often the Sports Editor makes a mistake.

Sometimes I look at the mistake and just wonder how stupid I could be. Other times I just have to scratch my head and wonder “wow, I didn’t know that.”

Fortunately, loyal readers keep me up to date when I do make a mistake. That was the case last week when the loyal reader and the person who the mistake involved was one and the same and brought it to my attention.

The mistake came when I wrote that new North Bullitt athletic director Ryan Bringhurst, at 31 years of age, was the youngest person to hold that position at a Bullitt County high school. Wrong.

A day later, former Bullitt Central athletic director Gary Dennison emailed me to say/remind me that he was only 28 years of age when he took the job leading the Cougar program.

I stand corrected. And apologize.

Dennison was actually the athletic director at Bullitt Central when I was a student at the school (Class of 1979). In my defense, he took the job just when I was starting at this post. At that time, I’m sure I didn’t write a ‘new to the job’ story on Dennison. So, I probably never did ask him or know his age. Not only was he an AD at such a young age, he was already an assistant principal at the school under principal George Valentine.

As always, it is a pleasure to hear from loyal readers.

Later Start

My internal clock for the start of the various high school sports seasons is a little off this summer, but that is because of some changes mandated by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, mainly involving volleyball.

In the past, the high school golf season started the first weekend of August and then on consecutive weeks volleyball and then soccer could start. At the end of the first week of soccer, would be the opening week of football.

This year, there is a week between the start of the golf season, which was last Friday, and the start of the volleyball season. In fact, both volleyball and the two soccer seasons all can start play on Monday, August 19. At the end of that week, Aug. 23, the high school football season starts (except for Bullitt Central which won’t play it’s opening game until the following Friday, Aug. 30).

The volleyball season will not be any shorter as they just shifted the entire season back a week. The idea is to have the state championships in the two soccer finals and volleyball state tournament on the same weekend.

In the past, the post-season for the soccer and volleyball teams started the same week, but because of the format, soccer’s post-season takes one more week to play. Now, the play-offs for soccer will start the week before they start for volleyball. The soccer season is the same length as in the past and the post-season for that sport will be the week of Oct. 14. The district tournaments for volleyball will be the following week, starting on Oct. 21.

The preview stories here in The Pioneer News for soccer and volleyball will start running next week and continue into the following week when football will join the scene.

The Bullitt County public schools start classes today so yes, it is that time of year again.

Other Dates

More just an oddity in the way the calendar falls, but the high school basketball season won’t start until December this year. That is the first time that has happened since the state went to the schedule that started the season on the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Just the way the holiday falls this year, the latest I ever recall, the start of the basketball season won’t be until Dec. 2. The KHSAA has not changed the length of the season, so the start of district play will be later in February and into March.

One date the KHSAA did change for the upcoming season is that the Kentucky State Track and Field Championships are being moved back to Memorial Day weekend. The Class AAA meet will be held on that Saturday afternoon.

That was the date for many years, but there was more and more negative feedback on it falling on the same day as graduation at many schools. However, because of some major college track meets in early May (Kentucky has a shortage of qualified people to run key track meets), the decision was made to move the regional meets back and thus the state meet gets moved back.

The Bullitt County Board of Education won’t make a decision on a graduation date until after the threat of bad winter weather passes, but it is very possible that there could be a major conflict there.