Council must look at all sides of deannexation

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By The Staff

    When the move was made over 10 years ago, some questioned the need to annex along Highway 1020 to reach a business over seven miles away.

    The reason was simple - the business owner needed to get a rezoning to maintain and to expand a quarry operation and the city of Shepherdsville didn't mind picking up the added revenue for little extra expense.

    Since that occurred, many things have happened and the latest is a proposal to remove the 128-acre quarry from the city's corporate boundaries.

    But councilmembers shouldn't be too eager to make that move.

    Several lawsuits were filed over the annexation, one of which continues today involving two of the four fire taxing districts. The lawsuit was settled with the other two, including Zoneton, whose fire station in Brooks was almost annexed into the city limits.

    The quarry operation that was in business at the time is no longer there. The Rogers Group is now the owner of the quarry but there is little activity on the property.

    From the standpoint of the Rogers Group, getting out of Shepherdsville's city limits would allow the property to possibly be annexed by the city of Hillview. The group's other quarry, on Bells Mill Road, was annexed by a similarly controversial move by the city of Hillview several years earlier.

    Both annexations yielded the needed result ñ a favorable rezoning.

    It would put both operations under the same rules. That would be beneficial to the company.

    From the city's standpoint, one advantage would be that services - such as fire and police - would no longer be needed along Highway 1020.

    That would be a positive move.

    However, would the city lose out on tax revenue? It would.

    And would the city lose out on potential occupational tax revenue should the production resume at the quarry near North Lakeview Drive?

    Before the council makes any decision, the members should weigh a couple of factors. First, consider the tax revenue that could be lost. Counter that by researching the resources the city is spending annually on making police and fire runs along Highway 1020.

    City officials took the public repercussions years ago when the annexation was done. We doubt if people would flock into city hall thanking them for reversing a decision made 10 years ago.

    Think before you act. Then make the best decision for all.