Councilman will not bring up Sunday sales in MW

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By Mallory Bilger

MOUNT WASHINGTON — City Councilman Dale Walter says he knows of a business that would like to come to Mount Washington — if Sunday liquor sales were legal within the city limits.

But after strong opposition was demonstrated via Walter’s online poll on his Web site at www.councilmandalewalter.com, he has decided not to discuss the issue at this evening’s council meeting.

Walter posted the poll about Sunday liquor sales several weeks ago and has since deactivated it. He said initially there was strong support, but then the results took a turn toward opposition of the idea.

The final count was 152 total votes, 61 percent of which were against Sunday alcohol sales, 39 percent for them were in favor.

Walter recognized that his poll isn’t scientific, but said it still reflected public opinion. He said he is neither for nor against Sunday sales and wanted to get a better feel for how the city’s residents view the issue.

“I had several people ask me and that’s where the idea came up to put it on my Web site,” he said. “Obviously people are not wanting it that way and that’s why I developed the Web site. I listen to what’s on there.”

Walter said initially he thought the issue could go on the ballot for a vote. But, much like when Sunday sales came up in Shepherdsville recently, County Clerk Kevin Mooney said that is a decision councils must make.

Mount Washington currently offers Monday through Saturday packaged and by-the-drink sales. Some past council members have suggested that offering Sunday alcohol sales within the city would boost economic growth, but no one has pushed the idea for a vote in several years.

Unless another council person steps up, it appears that the Sunday sales discussion will remain dormant in Mount Washington.

“I have no intention of bringing it up at the meeting,” Walter said.