County, cities should work together on parks ideas

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Our Views

 Working together would be a great idea in terms of recreational activities in Bullitt County.

During its most recent meeting, the Bullitt County Parks Committee, formerly known as the parks board, talked about the need to learn more about the recreational programs being offered throughout the county.

Some cities, such as Hillview, have a very active parks and recreational program.

Mount Washington is the grandfather of all parks programs.

And Shepherdsville and Lebanon Junction have made strides on taking steps to make improvements in their facilities and their programs.

In reality, the county has turned over its existing programs to the Bullitt County Family YMCA. That agency does a wonderful job of administering and running programs.

But it is not in the business to figure out how to grow the county’s offerings.

To know what to offer, the committee needs to know what is currently being provided. It is information that should be regulated.

The goal of the committee is to make recommendations to fiscal court. And then we trust fiscal court members to take the plans under advisement and then look for funding.

There are many more opportunities out there than simply some youth sports.

Parks committee members recently remembered the days of adult leagues in various sports. They talked about youth tournaments which often came to the county to provide a boost to the tourist industry.

In other areas, there are family nights, bluegrass music and ball leagues.

The parks department needs to have a larger offering of events. Play a part in that and e-mail us your suggestions at editor@pioneernews.net

We think it is an excellent idea to have the county and cities work together on bettering the parks systems. And that would just be a very good start to even more collaborations.