County employees will have lesson on insurance policies

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Buddy Smith was given a simple task - find a way to provide health insurance options for county employees with little or no increase in premiums.

Daunting when the first estimate from the county’s current carrier, Humana, came back with a 45 percent hike.

As normal, Smith then went to the available insurers and began to seek out policies.

In the end, the county had one option - Humana.

Smith said it is difficult for carriers to keep rates steady when premiums accounted for $1 million in the past year and claims exceeded $1.5 million.

County employees will have several options to select from with the best rates providing a 10.6 percent increase.

Smith said the key to holding rates would be a more comprehensive wellness program and more employees looking at the health spending option.

For single carriers, of which the county pays almost the entire premium, there would be no major changes, said Smith.

There would be some differences in deductibles and co-pays but nothing major.

The fiscal court members agreed to allow three options with the core product being no major increase for the employees.

Bullitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts voted in opposition saying that she felt there needed to be more time to consider the plans.

Smith did ask that employees be given time to become educated on the options. Prior to open enrollment in November, he planned to meet with each employee.