County 'energized' with $300,000 federal grant

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Annex building to get new roof, HVAC

By The Staff

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt County facilities will be a bit more energy efficient thanks to a grant of nearly $300,000 from the federal government.

    Bryan Kirby, a grantwriter working for the county, presented Bullitt Fiscal Court members with the good news that the grant had been approved by the Department of Energy.

    The major benefactor of the grant will be the occupants of the Nina Mooney Courthouse Annex.

    Long having roofing problems, the building will get a brand new roof with the grant funds.

    Also planned for the funds will be a new heating and cooling system.

    New energy-efficient light fixtures will also be installed in the annex, which was built in the late 1980s.

    Kirby said the grant funds would also be used to install a new gas meter at the county’s facility being leased to the Red Cross and the Community Action Agency.

    The Bullitt County Sanitation would also use some of the funds to replace existing pumps with energy efficient devices.

    Kirby said the county would have to create a strategy for energy efficiency.

    The goals would be wide ranging from things such as lowering energy usage and energy costs, improving recycling, improving existing facilities and having a plan for preventative maintenance of county facilities.

    In the plan Kirby developed, the county would have action plans, such as promoting an energy conservation policy, which could include programmable thermostats, switching lighting and turning off electronic devices when not in use. Another action plan would be to make sure insulation and other energy savings materials are included in all building plans.

    Throughout the community, Kirby said governmental officials should be promoting environmental tips, encourage local buying to reduce transportation and to promote things such as Farmer’s Markets.

    Carpooling should also be promoted in the county and Kirby said a comprehensive recycling program should be devised.

    Kirby said the county should have a role in advising the public that having an energy audit on their homes could be a major savings to them and to the environment.

    “That’s a lot of our federal dollars we were able to get back to Bullitt County,” said county judge Melanie Roberts.