County must have method to ways they contribute to organizations

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Our Views

 County government is not an endless coffer to fund worthy organizations.

But that doesn’t mean there might not be a way to properly, and fairly, distribute funds.

The past two county attorneys have been very clear in their interpretation of the law - tax dollars can not simply be given out to groups as a donation.

Any such appropriation of funds must be accompanied by a contract or agreement stating what services of value will be provided to the county in exchange for the contribution.

Recently, Bullitt Fiscal Court agreed to appropriate $50,000 to a skate park in Mount Washington. A super worthy cause.

Would serve to provide a place for exercise and enjoyment to many in the community.

The problem is there was no agreement, no listing of services to be provided.

Our guess is that there will be others asking for the same funding.

The city of Hillview is currently seeking grant funds for its own skate park.

We are sure there can be dozens of worthy organizations who might solicit the county for funds.

If there is a way to legally set up a fund within the general fund with a specific dollar amount and a process to apply for funds, that would be super.

If even that is legal, there must be a proper screening process done to make sure the appropriation is going to a proper organization.

The bottom line is that county or city officials should not write a check minutes after listening to a presentation unless it is legal and it is going to help the comunity.

Forget the legal aspect. If you keep handing out checks, the line will grow and grow until there is no more money to hand out.