County very prepared to hike dropout age

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Our Views

 The Bullitt County Public School System is in excellent shape to raise the dropout age from 16 to 18.

The General Assembly has placed the gauntlet in front of educators throughout the state.

While it is not mandatory to increase the dropout age, the writing -though not in cursive - is on the wall.

You can either increase your age willingly or you can come along screaming and yelling when 55 percent of the districts do sign on and you are forced to join the pack.

The statistics clearly bear out the need for a high school education. And the numbers also show the need for post-secondary education of some sort.

The question is how do you convince someone who is not interested in school.

Raising the dropout age to 18 could have both positive and negative effects.

For example, a teenage who just doesn’t want to be in school could be a disruption. This is probably the biggest concern of educators.

How do you deal with someone who will only be a distraction?

The good thing is that Bullitt County has already got things in place to deal with that issue.

For years, the district has run one of the best alternative programs in the state. Although the names and faces may change, the general concept of finding a way to educate everyone still exists.

The FLEX program is a credit recovery program for those who have fallen behind. Dozens of students used that program to not only stay in school this past year but to also earn enough credits to graduate.

The district has pushed hard to develop its college and career ready curriculum.

Some students are not going to attend college. The goal - and requirement - of the district is to make sure those students have a career path they can follow.

Maybe if students know they must stay in school until the age of 18, that will be the motivation needed in their freshman year to buckle down.

We expect the Bullitt County Public School Board will consider raising the dropout age to 18 on June 24. We believe it would be a very wise move. 

The students will benefit, ultimately, as will the entire community and all places the young adults determine will be their next stop in life.