County works to revamp some departments

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2012...A look back at some of the top stories, issues

    Besides undergoing some personnel change on the fiscal court, discussions throughout the year centered on some changes among departments or agencies funded by county government.

    The Bullitt County Parks Board, in its 1971 form, was abolished and a new committee was crafted. The work came after  the first version failed to meet the approval of fiscal court.

    Under the new format, the parks commission will make recommendations to fiscal court. Members are seeking ideas from the community on what they would like the parks department to provide in terms of services.

    A plan to revamp an outdated ordinance for the Bullitt County Economic Development Authority was also shot down. The agency is separate from county government but does receive annual funding from fiscal court. A concern existed about its formation and some  possible paperwork issues. However, the revised version, which could have replaced the current members, was voted down.