Couple still going strong after 70 years as married couple

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By Mallory Bilger

MOUNT WASHINGTON — Tucked away in a small apartment at the Ethos at Woodlake Senior Living Community, James and Margaret Floore live quietly together.


Life has taken a lot from the couple. Margaret, 91, suffers from severe dementia and hearing loss. The couple lost two of their children at young ages and James, 93, has outlived his entire family.

But life has been unable to steal one very important choice from the couple — the choice to love one another unconditionally, throughout life’s trials and joys.

The Floores celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary — 70 years of union — March 9. It is a milestone that few couples will ever experience.

Even James said he never dreamed he would have lived to celebrate 70 years of marriage.

“We’ve gotten along very well,” James said, smiling as he glanced at his wife. “Just like everybody, you have your ups and downs.”

James and Margaret, both originally of Louisville, met while attending at the Jeffersontown Christian Church. The couple dated for four years before deciding to marry at the church on March 9, 1939.

For the next 64 years the Floores raised five children and both enjoyed their professions.

Margaret worked as a sewer at Byck’s Alterations until 1978 and James owned and operated the Floore Oil Company. He retired in 1980.

“Her main thing was that she just loved to sew,” James said of his wife.

Early in their union the couple experienced the painful loss of two young children, one of which died of Polio and the other which was hit by a car.

“That has been a heartache for us,” James said.

After retiring, the couple visited every state except Alaska. Most of their travels were financed by Margaret’s alteration side jobs.

Although the Floores traveled almost every summer after retiring, they never made it out of the United States.

“The farthest out of the Unites States that we went I guess was Hawaii,” James joked.

But the couple was forced to stop traveling about 10 years ago when Margaret was diagnosed with dementia. James cared for his wife independently until 2003 when his own failing health forced them to sell their home in Jeffersontown and move into assisted living facilities.

The couple has relocated several times and settled at Ethos in Mount Washington about a year ago.

When asked if James wanted to see his seventy-first anniversary, he was hesitant to answer. He admitted it was tough dealing with the medical problems that he and Margaret face.

“At this stage and the way we’re feeling, we’re going to let the good Lord tell us when we’re going to go,” he said.

But for now, James said he enjoyed reliving the memories that he and his wife created during their 70 years together. The two witnessed the invention of the television, the massive progression of air travel and the United States placing a man on the moon.

For the Floores, the most wonderful event they continue to be a part of is their marriage and the family it has produced. James admitted that life hasn’t always been easy.

“To me, marriage is kind of a give and take thing. You have to give a lot and you have to take a lot,” he said.

The couple has five children, ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Floore said family, along with God’s assistance, helped his marriage weather the storms of life.

“We just tried to make a go of it and have a happy life,” he said.