Crazy about quilts in Bullitt County

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 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Thousands of people came to look and to admire and to get some new ideas.


The annual Bluegrass Chapter Quilt Show brought men and women of all ages to the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre recently.

One of the proudest people in the facility was Virginia Prather.

She proudly watched as other admired the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s themed quilt.

Prather, a resident of Hillview and retired registered nurse, had the opportunity to do the cross-stitch work on a quilt which depicted the various facets of the nursing profession.

For each of the 24 squares, Prather said it took a month to cross-stitch. In other words, two years of work was hanging for others to see.

A nurse of 41 years at University Hospital, Prather said the quilt babies were meshed together to make a wonderful display.

While it was shown at a reunion at the hospital, the Shepherdsville show was the first public display of the quilt.

Few of the quilts on display are for sale, said Prather. Instead, most are just on display by the owners so others can enjoy the colors and the history of the work.