Crosswalk prepares for its biggest stage yet at Ichthus

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By Stephen Thomas

SHEPHERDSVILLE - In Scripture the story is told about Jesus and a walk to a crucifixion bearing a cross.

For members of a local Christian musical group, they’ve experienced their own walks and own crosses to bear.

Crosswalk, a Christian Rock band of local residents, now sees its biggest moments ahead, securing a spot in the Ichthus Festival, one of the longest-running and largest Christian music events in the country.

The band has experienced various changes over the past seven years, now consisting of Davy Thompson as lead singer and guitarist, brother Chris Thompson on bass guitar, Chris Mayes as lead guitarist and Mike Haycraft on drums.

Davy Thompson said the band took some time off from touring in recent months. He pursued a solo career in Nashville during the time.

Now ready to release their latest album, “Become Beautiful,” on Saveyour Records, the band hopes the upcoming Ichthus appearance will expand their borders.

“We’ve really been blessed,” said Thompson. “We’ve played a lot of events. We’re excited about this. This gets us back into the mix, even with six months off.”

Crosswalk has performed at other major events, including the Bullitt County UthFest. They’ve shared stages with some of Christian rock’s biggest names such as Audio Adrenaline. Ichthus is their biggest moment, Thompson said.

“There’s a 20 to 30,000 estimated attendance,” he said. “It’s actually easier playing for a larger crowd, you’re just more excited than nervous. We’ve played others, and played with big artists, but this is something.”

Following the Ichthus appearance Crosswalk hopes to release a video with a national show called Revolution TV.

“All the big Christian artists are trying to get on this show,” Thompson said.

The band’s new manager is Saveyour Records owner Andre Green. Saveyour Records is an independent label based in Louisville contracting a half dozen groups.

Thompson said Green would be shopping the new Crosswalk CD as far as Los Angeles in hopes of further national band exposure.

While pursuing musical success, Thompson admitted all the band members still keep “day jobs.”

“Hopefully, eventually, we can all just play music,” he added.

Crosswalk plans to begin touring regionally following the album release, travelling to closer cities such as Indianapolis, Nashville and Columbus, Ohio.

Thompson hoped the band’s solid local fan base would continue to support their efforts.

“There’s a lot of people praying for us and coming to our shows,” he said.

Crosswalk members remain loyal to their area and church, leading worship services at Holy Chapel of God.

“Church members are discussing a road trip (to Ichthus) and helping out,” Thompson said.

The Ichthus Festival, located in Wilmore near Asbury College, takes place June 10-13, with over 100 bands and seven live stages.

Crosswalk will make their appearance Thursday, June 11, at 3 p.m. Thompson said the band would perform a set lasting about 90 to 120 minutes.

For more information on the event check the official Web site, www.ichthusfestival.org.

For more information about Crosswalk and links to other informational sites, including new album purchases, visit www.crosswalktheband.com.

Information about Crosswalk’s new album label can be found at www.saveyourrecords.com.