Cuts will be painful due to past spending

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 Things will certainly get much tougher before they get any better for employees of the city of Shepherdsville.

And the painful budget cuts suffered inside the walls of city government will then spread to the citizens of the community.

City officials are still working on the upcoming budget but there is nothing that is encouraging in the early discussions.

Employees are already prepared for paying more on their insurance premiums, probably to the tune of 10 percent. They are also bracing for furlough days each month.

There have already been positions left vacant that will probably not be replaced in the near future.

And the city has lowered the salaries of around eight employees to bring Shepherdsville into compliance with its 2006 pay scale ranges.

Interim police chief Dan Patchin and new fire chief Layne Troutman both encouraged councilmembers to quickly make a decision on their plans for compensation.

Both said that workers are very uptight and nervous about the future. A quick decision would at least give then insight on the future path of the city.

Shepherdsville officials have some tough decisions over the next month. This is where the leaders will stand out and the pretenders will fade out.