Daniel Patchin looks for more rehabilitation for inmates

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Election 2014

By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - As a police officer since 1998, Dan Patchin understands that there are individuals who need to be incarcerated.

But his concern is that something must be done during that incarceration to help that person have a better change of succeeding in society upon their release.

It is that concern that had led Patchin to make his first political run.

The assistant police chief for the city of Shepherdsville will be running in the May primary for the office of Bullitt County Jailer.

“The jail should be more than a holding center,” said Patchin.

He would like to see the system have more opportunities to rehabilitate the offenders. This would decrease the chance that they would offend again upon their release.

“It is time for the jail to be more of a participant in the system,” said Patchin.

Patchin, 38, would like to see more programs for the inmates to participate in while they are incarcerated.

One part would be to offer more drug treatment. Some type of counseling is needed for those in jail, said Patchin.

He also favors a strong GED program to assist inmates with their education.

And, he would also like to see more religious studies provided to the inmates who care to participate.

“I just think it is time for the jail to be part of the problem solving,” said the Mount Washington resident.

Over the next four years, Patchin would also like to increase the training opportunities of the deputies.

While required to have 16 hours at the beginning of their employment, Patchin said annual training is a must. He would also like to see the deputies have some knowledge of the rules and regulations that they are enforcing.

“I would like for them to think of it as a profession and not just a job,” Patchin said.

He also believes that expanding drug treatment programs is very important to help inmates have a better chance to succeed upon their release.

Being a police officer, Patchin said he has a unique perspective of seeing defendants as they enter the jail. And he also has the chance to see how those same people have reformed or not reformed upon their release.

In talking to voters, Patchin said that his message is straight forward.

He wants to be a fair person - both to the staff and to the inmates. All should be treated with respect.

He is also an honest person  who will be upfront with the staff. Providing the staff with the proper information is important.

And, finally, Patchin said he is a proven leader.

Having served in a variety of capacities while at Shepherdsville - including school resource officer, DARE officer, patrol officer, detective, sergeant and captain - Patchin said he is proud of the city’s department.

It is the only accredited police department in the county and he was in charge of the application.

“I am proud to be part of the Shepherdsville Police Department,” said Patchin. “We have a good team and that makes for a very good department.”