Davis gets high marks on board evaluation

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Bullitt County Public School Board members gave superintendent Keith Davis a unanimous show of support in his annual evaluation.

But despite getting excellent comments from the five board members, Davis said there is still much work to do personally and as a school district.

The board met Tuesday and discussed in closed session its annual evaluation. Chairperson Dolores Ashby then presented a summary of the board’s findings.

In the 10 areas of evaluation, Davis scored no lower than excellent, with outstanding being the highest.

The board also rated the superintendent’s performance in five specific goal areas.

The first goal dealt with improving the number of third-grade students who were reading at grade level at the end of that year.

Davis received an “outstanding” for this goal.

The board members commented that all elementary schools met this goal, including two - Roby and Mount Washington - which had 90 percent of their students reading at the third-grade level. All but two of the elementary schools obtained double-digit improvements.

The second goal was for Davis to lead the effort to reduce the dropout rate by 50 percent.

The superintendent received an “excellent” rating as the raw dropout rate decreased by 64 percent as of the end of June 30, 2011.

The third goal challenged Davis to develop a plan to measure the public perception of the district.

The district conducted an on-line survey, plans to increase the dissemination of information about the district were put into place with The Pioneer News and Davis spoke at a number of civic organizations throughout the county.

He received an “excellent” rating for this category.

A fourth goal was to devise a plan to get customer feedback on the service provided by central office staff.

Another on-line survey was done after staff members discussed the expectations for customer service.

Davis earned an “excellent” rating.

The final goal was to implement a system to ease the burden of paperwork on parents and students in areas such as registration.

Davis earned an “outstanding” review in this area.

While the cost of technology does not allow some of the plans to be implemented, the board commented that registration forms are now streamlined and duplicate information is no longer required.

“We’re very pleased with Mr. Davis,” said Ashby. “We’re moving in the right direction.”

Ashby said she was impressed with the entire team of leaders.

“We have an outstanding leadership team,” said Ashby. “Everybody knows where we want to go. We’re headed in the right direction.”

Davis also complemented not only the Central Office team but also the administrators, teachers and classified employees.

“It’s an evaluation of us,” Davis said of the board’s comments.

He also complimented the school board members for their vision and leadership.

“We couldn’t do it if you didn’t care,” said Davis.

Davis said there is a phenomenal staff of employees throughout the district and that is what is making a difference.

Following the meeting, Davis said he was very pleased with the confidence shown by the board members.

In individual conversations, Davis said there is still plenty of work to do and his list is a lot longer than could ever be accomplished in a single year.

Davis felt the board members have always been very open with him in stating their concerns and suggestions. In turn, he hoped his communication with them was also open and honest.

“The district is moving in the right direction,” said Davis. “The board has played a big part in that.”

As he mentioned to the board members, the key to the entire success has been the hard work of the central office, the school administrators and the teachers.

“Our staff in the district is great,” said Davis. “We’ve thrown a lot at them during the past few years but they have embraced it and made it work.”

In the coming year, Davis said his top goal is to have a districtwide focus on college and career readiness.

This actually encompasses everything being done in the district from kindergarten through 12th grade, said Davis.

“We have to get our students ready and it all begins in kindergarten,” said Davis.

Another goal is to improve communications within the district and between the district and the public.

Davis would like to make some changes to the district website.

Overall, Davis said he continues to feel the district is making strides. However, he warns the public that the number of schools meeting all the federal No Child Left Behind standards will continue to fall throughout the state due to changing standards.


Ten Standards of the Superintendent’s Evaluation

1. Leadership and district culture - Excellent

2. Police and governance - Excellent

3. Communications and community relations - Excellent

4. Organizational management - Excellent

5. Curriculum planning development - Outstanding

6. Instructional leadership - Outstanding

7. Human resources management - Excellent

8. Values and ethics of leadership - Excellent

9. Student achievement and learning - Outstanding

10. Labor relations - Excellent