Deannexation by city may not help Brooks teachers

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By The Staff

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Teachers and students at Brooks Elementary are anxiously awaiting the opening of their new school in August.

    Not only will the employees at the school be getting a new facility, they will also be getting a pay raise.

    With the new school being outside the corporate limits of Hillview, employees will not be subjected to the 1 percent occupational tax currently being collected.

    But teacher Donna Lawlor hoped the Shepherdsville City Council didn’t follow through with a discussed deannexation of property along Highway 1020.

    A proposal first revealed in an article in The Pioneer News mentioned the possibility of Shepherdsville deannexing a stretch of property along Highway 1020 and stopped by taking in the quarry now owned by the Rogers Group.

    No decision has been made as councilmembers gather information on tax revenue that might be lost if the deannexation is done.

    Lawlor, vice president of the Bullitt County Education Association and a sign language interpreter at Brooks, said if the deannexation is done, the city of Hillview could annex down Brooks Hill Road and the school would once again be subject to the occupational tax.

    She said this would be taxation without representation. She was asking the city officials pledge not to deannex the property, which currently blocks Hillview from reaching the new school.

    “We want to protect what little money the teachers get,” said Lawlor.

    The only service the school receives from Hillview is the DARE program and some occasional police runs, which could be handled by the sheriff’s department, said Lawlor.

    Mayor Sherman Tinnell said he had no idea what Hillview officials would or would not do. If the city votes to deannex the property, it would have to go on the ballot, although only one structure with residents would be eligible to cast a vote.

    Councilman Larry Hatfield said there is no decision pending and the city officials must study any lost revenue due to property and occupational taxes that could be lost.

    In other business:

    *Chris Brown of Troop 868 got the approval to do his Eagle Scout project in the city park on First Street.

    Brown said he would like to build a wheelchair accessible picnic pad with a grill in the park.

    The estimated cost would be $2,513.17 but donations may take care of some of that expense.

    The pad would include a picnic table and two concrete tables.

    Tinnell said the city would supply as much help as possible. He was pleased with the Boy Scout’s work to help the city and to make the park better.

    Councilmember Bonnie Enlow complimented Brown on his project.

    The work would begin when the weather improves.

    *Councilman Don Cundiff said he is still getting calls about the appearance of Paroquet Springs Drive.

    Tinnell said he would look at a prior plan that was proposed and see what the city could do.

    The next meeting of the Shepherdsville City Council will be on Monday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. at city hall. The public is invited to attend.