Decisions on budget must be smart ones

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 Seldom would you think that elected officials would have to justify keeping their budget the same.

However, Bullitt County Attorney Monica Meredith Robinson knew that she had to get in front of the county fiscal curve and present her budget to leaders. This came over a month before the county judge’s proposed budget is due.

Robinson, supported by a large number in the audience, stated things simply - if you continue to cut funding, services will be affected.

Recently, Robinson was denied a cost-of-living increase as approved by the state. That was made by fiscal court members on a 3-2 vote. The denial was unfortunate.

Now, she feels there is a need to fight for her staff and, more importantly, the people of Bullitt County.

We trust that the magistrates will not cut the present share in the upcoming budget. The people do not want reduced services for their taxes.