Development off Griffis Ln. meets with opposition

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With restrictions, the planning commission offered a favorable recommendation to this request

By Stephen Thomas

 BROOKS - Intermixed in an area of industrial and commercial properties, a long-time developer hopes to increase the residential mix.

Phillip Leigh received a favorable recommendation from the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission to rezone 23 acres from R-1 Residential to R-3 Residential off Griffis Lane.

According to attorney John Wooldridge, his client is looking to develop a mix of single-family homes and multi-family apartments.

Several residents spoke to the commission and none were pleased with what they were hearing.

Ed Sanders Jr. said Griffis Lane is too narrow for the additional traffic created by 120 residential units.

Willard Jones said the current road doesn’t allow two large vehicles to pass.

Judith Jones said her main concern was the added traffic and the safety of school buses which travel the area.

Tim Morton was against the apartments. He enjoys the quiet atmosphere and didn’t want 100 apartment units in the area.

With apartments will come noise and traffic, said Morton.

Pat Sanders said the blind curve near the entrance would pose a safety risk. She was OK with the homes but would be against the apartments.

Doreen McConnell said she moved to Bullitt County for a more rural area. She was concerned about sewage issues.

And David Harrah said the residents have always taken care of things like the road, water and gas line extensions. He was just opposed to the proposal.

Wooldridge said that traffic would also be a problem as growth occurs. He agreed to not have anything taller than three stories and would make sure there is at least 22 inches of pavement on the road.

Leigh said the density of the property would be six residential units per acre. Engineers will determine whether retention ponds would be required.

Under the R-3 zoning, Wooldridge said his client would be using larger setbacks found in R-2.

The commission voted 8-3 to send a favorable recommendation to Bullitt Fiscal Court.

Among the conditions were that Griffis Lane would be widened to 22-foot along the frontage of Leigh’s property. Also, there would be a maximum of 122 units and no more than two floors. Eight units would be allowed per building and screening will be done to give a visual barrier to the industrial property.

The apartment units would be 150 feet from any residential home and no additional water runoff would be allowed.

R-2 residential lot sizes would be retained for the single-family homes.

Bullitt Fiscal Court will make the final decision.

In other zoning matters:

*Rivera Equity Investment received a favorable recommendation to rezone a lot on Highway 44 West across from Sholar Law Office. The rezoning would be from R-3 Residential to B-2 Central Business.

Attorney Steven E. Smith said his client, who owns the car wash next door, would open an ice cream shop. There would be a drive-thru lane and three walk-up windows.

The commission unanimously recommended that Shepherdsville City Council approve the request. The stipulation requested by surrounding property owners and agreed to by the applicants include wording that states no bar, tavern, adult entertainment, medical clinics, blood bank, counseling center, tattoo parlor or plasma center be allowed in the future.

*William E. Armstrong received a favorable recommendation to rezone 51 acres from Agricultural to B-1 Highway Business on Beech Grove Road.

He said the rezoning was needed to bring his operation into compliance. For years, he has dealt in selling trailers.

He also has a horse show ring on the property.

If there is residential zoning next to his property, Armstrong said he understood a barrier would be needed.

One resident was concerned about any change in use of the property and any possible drainage onto his property.

*Bids ranging from $37,240 to $149,900 were received from six companies in hopes of securing work to revise the county’s comprehensive land-use plan.

With the six bids in hand, commissioners opted to hold a special meeting on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 7 p.m. to discuss the bids.

*Daryl Lee was re-elected as chairman of the planning commission.

The next regular meeting of the planning commission will be on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m. in the courthouse annex. The public is invited to attend.