Diabetics can now receive educational report

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  SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Bullitt County Diabetes Coalition (BCDC) and the Bullitt County Extension  Service have joined hands in the fight against diabetes. 

With the first edition of the “Bullitt A1C” sponsored by the Extension Office, the BCDC was able to release the first of a quarterly newsletter to keep diabetics  aware of upcoming events and resources. 

To learn more about this exciting  new resource contact Jessica Craddock by phone (502) 930-2499, email  JessCraddockBC@gmail.com, or view on Facebook, www.facebook.com/KRDCoalition.

BCDC was formed a little over a year ago with a mandate to improve the  quality of life for Type II Diabetics over the age of 50. 

It is estimated  that there are 400,000 diabetics in Kentucky.  In our county, we find that  most of our diabetics are unaware of the resources that would make their  lives happier and healthier.   The Bullitt A1C newsletter will be of value to  diabetics and those who care for their special needs such as doctors, family  members, and friends.

The current issue features special events for August 30, September 5, September 22, September 29, October 11, and November 10. 

If you are unaware of these events and other resources available to you, you will want to mark your calendar and request that your name be added to the newsletter’s mailing list. 

You will not want to miss the Holiday Food Demo and Education Day event at the Bullitt County Extension Office on Nov. 10, 2012.

If you are a doctor, family member, or friend of a diabetic you may wish to attend the October meeting of the Bullitt County Diabetes Coalition at the Bullitt County Health Department.  One of the topics for discussion will be: “Specific Resources available to Residents of Bullitt County.” 

If interested in attending this meeting or know of valuable county resources please contact Jessica.