Discussion on 'late' fireworks in Hillview has plenty of pop but fewer solutions

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     HILLVIEW – Weeks after the Fourth of July holiday, the sounds of fireworks can still be heard in the air.

     And Hillview councilman Mickey Cheatham is interested in finding out if something can be done.

     Cheatham said he understands the difficulty in the police enforcing any ordinance.

     Hillview police chief Glenn Caple said there is an ordinance dealing with noise and nuisances.

     The cutoff is supposed to be 10 p.m.

     If there are complaints, Caple said the police try to work with people.

     Normally, there aren’t a lot of calls, said the chief.

     He wasn’t sure if the July 4 holiday is specifically mentioned in the city ordinances.

     Mayor Jim Eadens said he understands shooting off fireworks around the holiday but it is very disruptive to people as it stretches on for weeks.

     This year, however, Eadens said his neighborhood has been quiet.

     Caple said he would like the city to consider an ordinance regulating fireworks sales.

     He said there are a lot of tents selling fireworks and that results in a lot of signs being placed throughout the city. At times, he said vendors would get into arguments among themselves.

     Eadens said there is a $35 business license which must be purchased and the state also has fees.

     Jefferson County regulations and fees have changed and Eadens said that is one reason more stands are locating in Bullitt County.

     Councilmember JoAnn Wick said the city might need to look at raising its fee.

       In other business:

       *Work continued to revise annexation boundaries to meet requirements of the state.

       Tracts off East Blue Lick Road and Old Preston Highway were the latest to be revised.

       The revisions will allow the state to update its mapping system. The importance is that more accurate boundaries would allow the cities to be credited for the proper amounts for things such as insurance tax premiums and road aid funds.

       *Kenny Bennett said the Hillview Emergency Response Team would once again host a Safety Fair on Sept. 14. Various emergency responders will be part of the second annual event.

       He added that members of the team have been used on several occasions the past month, including directing traffic when a power line was down.

       *Police chief Glenn Caple said July 11 was a busy one for officers.

     After responding to a drug overdose which was a fatality, Caple said a meth bust was conducted with over 11 grams found.

     And then a burglary at a home on Majestic Boulevard resulted in a foot chase with the suspect, who was eventually caught.

     He reported that two new police vehicles were now in service.

     Also, Caple said the U.S. Marshals had picked up two men who were violating their bond. The men had been charged in a burglary near the Blue Lick Airport.

     *The city works garage will be open on Aug. 3 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. to accept junk for disposal.

     Only Hillview residents are allowed to dispose non-hazardous items at the garage at the end of Prairie Drive.

     One resident inquired about at least opening the site twice a month.

     Eadens said when the dumpsters were open daily, the disposal costs were very high. A change was made to only open on the first Saturday of the month has cut those costs drastically.

     The next meeting of the Hillview City Council will be on Monday, Aug. 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the government center. The public is invited to attend.