Do the best you can

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 Arguments, fights, worries, and just the little things that we think are a big deal and important. We all do these things on a daily basis, but why do we?

I couldn’t answer that question a year ago, but now I can. I was very sick and needed a lung transplant to live. One year ago I got the cal that there were lungs waiting for me.  My recovery was slow, but now I’m doing fine and been given a second chance at life. So today I can answer that question.

Arguments, fights, worries, and the little things don’t mount to anything. Life is too short to live the only life you have been given by God to waste it on nonsense. So I say enjoy life to its fullest. Do the right things and b the best person you can be, because you might not be as lucky as I was and get a second chance at life.

Bobby Webb