Do your duty... go out and vote

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Our Views

By The Staff

    The time has almost arrived.

    The last signs have been posted. The commercials and advertisements are coming to an end.

    The time has come to quite complaining and start taking action.

    Election day is on Tuesday, May 18. That’s from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. Plenty of time to cast a ballot.

    In Bullitt County, there are many important races on the ballot. In fact, every race is important.

    While many in the country are talking about change and starting a third political party, how many will actually take the time to come out to the polls and vote.

    Bullitt Countians have the chance to put someone in the state Senate. They have a chance to vote for a number of new candidates to fill positions of people not running for re-election.

    But you have to get out and vote. Don’t be one of those who does nothing but complain. No matter your political party or your preference in a candidate, protect your right to vote and visit the ballot box on May 18.

    It’s your right and your duty to vote.