Dog can make a kid out of us all

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Other Views by Cathy Tomes

 Some of you readers know Sadie, the therapy dog, from when she visited two children who attend Pleasant Grove Elementary that read to her (see that story here).

Sadie and I have been taking walks inside Lowes at Shepherdsville.

We can’t say enough about some of the employees that work there.  They are all so nice, but Sadie has her favorites. 

When we get there Sadie wants to make her first stop were the keys are made.  

That is where she meets her best friend, Eldon A. Huffman Jr.  He always gets down on his knees to give her hugs and kisses.  She loves it when he baby talks to her!  Steve Geoghegan, one of the employees said, “it’s funny how a dog can bring the kid out in you”. 

Mike McLaughlin can’t let her walk by without petting her.  After she gets all her attention there, she is ready to make her second stop at the lumber department to meet her next friends, Vernice Sims and Kathy Bowling.  That’s where she gets her hugs and treats, Wow!  We couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

So, if you see Sadie trotting down the aisles, stop to pet her and let the kid come out in you.