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The Maryville/Overdale Family Resource Center hosted "Donuts with Dads" events at both elementary schools.


FRC coordinator Tiffani Utterback said the "dads" consisted of fathers, grandfathers, uncles and even big brothers.

A total of 96 "dads" showed at Overdale, with an additional 47 visiting Maryville.

The participating "dads" have participated in, or encouraged to sign up for, the schools' Watch D.O.G.S. Programs (Dads of Great Students). 

The program allows male mentors to visit the school for a day, interacting with students while introducing them to positive male role models.

North Bullitt High School principal Jeffrey Marshall was the guest speaker at Overdale, while Hebron Middle School principal Steve Miracle addressed the Maryville audience.

Both principals congratulated the "dads" for their efforts and reminded them about their importance to the younger, impressionable students.

For more information on the Watch D.O.G.S. Program visit www.fathers.com.