Doing what is needed to make everyone happy

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Other Views by Robert Huff

 I have had different experiences throughout my lifetime. Some good, some bad. There is one experience I often think about because there are so many people who want everything their way or no way.

This young man was married to a beautiful woman and she knew she was beautiful. She liked to party all the time. She dressed the part of a rich woman. They owed so much money he had to work six days a week to make ends meet. His wife knew how to spend money.

Then things changed in his life. He was cut back to 40 hours a week. The company said this would only last 30 days then they would go back to six days week.

The cutback changed his wife’s lifestyle. The money would not be there for parties she loved so much. She told him to get a part-time job as she needed the money.

He came to work and told me she had threatened to leave him if he did not get the part-time job. He said he had told her it was about time they settled down and started raising a family.

She said she was not ready to have a family. He told me he did not know what to do about getting the other money needed for her to continue her lifestyle. He said to me, “What would you do if you have a wife such as I have?” I said you may not like what I have to say but you asked me and I am going to tell you the truth what I would do. I would leave her and divorce her.

You have one life to live and this marriage has put a strain on your body and you are about to have a nervous breakdown. Get out if you can. He said but I love her. I said in return if this is love I don’t want any part of it.

About a week later he came to work and you could tell he had little sleep and he was depressed. He said his wife had been going to parties with some of their old friends. He did not go because he did not have the money to spend. He had to pay the bills first. He again asked me would you really divorce my wife if this was happening to you. Again, I said to my friend, “Yes.”

A few days later he told me he had applied for a divorce and she agreed to sign the papers. Once the divorce was final she married someone that had enough money to give her what she wanted. He started going to church and he met a nice lady and they fell in love. He told me he was thinking about asking her to marry him. He asked me what I thought about that. I told him it was his life and he should be the one to decide not me. He asked me if I would meet with her and talk to her. I would like for you to tell me what you think about her. I said you need to talk to your preacher or someone from your family. He said “No, I want you to meet her and talk to her. I finally agreed to do this for him. The more I talked to this young lady the more I thought she would be the one for my friend to marry.

They were married. They were in love and they liked the same things in life, so they get along fine. About a year later twin boys were born. I went to the hospital to see them. When I walked in they both smiled. I said well it seems you got what you both wanted two healthy boys. I know the twins will be happy with a good caring mother and father such as you two. I was told you wanted to name one of the twins after me. They one reason was I helped bring the two together. I asked what they were going to name the other twin. They said they did not know at this time. I said I appreciate what you are wanting to do and it would be an honor to give my name to one of their sons. Don’t you think it would be better if you named the boys after each of your fathers. We heard a cough. We turned toward the door and there were their dads there smiling. About that time two nurses brought the twins in the room to be with their parents. This young couple looked at each other and nodded their heads, meaning yes they would name the boys after their dads. That made everyone happy.