Don’t get into scam

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 If someone calls and tries to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge or tries to con you out of money, do not go along with the scam, because that is what it is. They are trying to extort money from you. These people prey on anyone that will listen to them. In turn, you could loose everything you have worked for all of your life real quick. Many times I have hard about a person losing a loved one and falling in the trap these crooks have sprung on them by a scam.

I for one had a call from a person claiming I had won a million dollars but there was one problem. I had to put up $3,000 in good faith before I could receive the money. I was told I had to go to Western Union and send the money to Rita Dempfey before I could get the million dollars. I called Better Business Bureau and they, of course, confirmed that this was a scam. I then, in turn, went to the Sheriff’s Department and gave them all of the information I had, so they could pass the information on to whatever can be done about this scam to extort money.

So please, please, please do not fall into this scam trap. Inform the proper authorities and let them decide what can be done to stop this problem.


Robert Huff