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Not Necessarily Front Page News

By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Some of the stuff not really front-page material but something that will sometimes bring a chuckle or maybe a moment to pause and think.....

There had been some complaints in Shepherdsville over the use of police officers in directing traffic in front of Zappos.com/Amazon and the Cedar Grove Business Park.

Gary Board, who lives east of the congested area, wondered why the right-hand lane was blocked at times by a patrol car.

Police chief Doug Puckett said getting 4,000-5,000 people in and out of the area during the holiday rush season needed some extra traffic control.

Councilman Corky Miller made sure to add that the off-duty patrol was being paid by Zappos and not the city.


Staying in Shepherdsville, work continues to improve in the sewer department.

More lift stations are being shut down as the line across the river has become functional. 

One problem exists in a part of Beech Grove Road - people are putting all kinds of stuff down the sewers and it is burning up the pumps.

So, if you are putting things like diapers, underwear, rolls of paper towels, toys, food or anything else that shouldn't be placed down the toilet, don’t. Otherwise you might find the sewers back up in your home.


Still in Shepherdsville, after some very heated comments back in early 2011, things were rosy as 2012 came to a close.

Duane Price was an outspoken opponent to the sewer rate increases of over 60 percent. The rate increase was done to allow the city to get back on its financial feet and pay debt service of over $30 million.

Stating that the sewer department has come a long way, Price admitted he didn’t like paying the higher rates but the move has begun to pay off. The city is paying its bills and starting to put money into reserve accounts, as required by the bond issues.

Steve Larimore, another outspoken city resident, also complimented the councilmembers for their decisions. He also thanked them for being open and honest about the financial issues and their plans to move forward.

After a good audit, it was certainly a better Christmas for mayor Scott Ellis and the city staff.


A final topic about Shepherdsville.

What a shame that someone would go to the city park and steal a sign honoring Jesus and the Christmas season.

Vandalism has been a problem in the past but to think that someone would steal a religious sign or to damage holiday lights is awful.

The offender certainly doesn’t know the reason for the season.