Don't make it personal

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 The request for a zoning change by the owners of Heritage Hill has ignited a firestorm of opposition. I have, and still do, oppose this change. However, I’ve been saddened that this passionate debate has taken a personal turn.

I’ve lived on Valley View Drive for 36 years. Steve Plenge and Ted Korfhage and their families welcomed me into the neighborhood, and have treated me like family ever since. We have shared chores, equipment, laughs and tears over the fast few decades. We’ve shared the ups and downs that all of us go through in life.

When most folks are down on their luck it doesn’t affect others, especially to the degree this situation does. Most of the time, we try to help those who are in need - praying for them, giving a helping hand if we can, offering an encouraging word. But when someone else’s misfortune affects us, we tend to vilify them.

I stand by my conviction that this zoning change is bad for the community, for our neighborhood, for my street. I wish so badly that things had turned out better for Heritage hill. However, I also stand by my opinion that Steve and Ted are two guys who have been great neighbors for many years. I don’t like this for them. I don’t like this for us. But I still like Steve and Ted.

As we dispute this zoning change, as we put out yard signs, as we offer letters of opposition, I urge you to also offer up a sincere prayer for two neighbors who need to know that although we don’t care for the situation, we still care about our neighbors.

Larry D. Williams