Don't pass bad laws

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 “Click It or Ticket Because Big Brother’s Watching You.” Those are the words I read in Wednesdays Pioneer News as the Memorial Day holiday draws near. I know seat belts save lives but it makes no sense to me that I can ride my motorcycle with no seat belt and no helmet and not have to worry about getting a ticket. But if I jump in my car unbuckled I’m breaking the law. I know there are more people out there who are sick and tired of money being wasted on programs such as Click It or Ticket when our country is in so much debt. I feel like it should be my own personal choice to wear a seat belt or not. I’m not endangering anyone else, if stupid laws like the seatbelt law keeps on getting passed I hope we will all wise up and vote these “do gooders” out of office and put in people with common sense who don’t hunger for the power to tell others what to do.

Keith Arnold