Dozen seek six seats in Fox Chase

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By Thomas Barr

 FOX CHASE - In a year in which council meetings have been a bit heated, it should have come at no surprise that a crowded field of candidates would file for the six seats to be determined on Nov. 6.

Twelve candidates, including five incumbents, will be on the ballot.


Rocky Comito

If anyone knows how to handle conflict and negotiations, it would be Comito.

For 11 years, Comito was president of the UAW Local 862, which represents over 7,000 employees of Ford Motor Co.

“Through the good times and the bad times, the two Ford plants in Louisville have been a stable source of employment for the Louisville area,” said Comito. “I believe my leadership contributed to some of the success of the two Ford plants through cooperation and trust.”

Being retired, Comito said he had the time available to devote to the council position.

While the issues in Fox Chase may appear small to some, they are important to the resident having concerns. He pledged to listen to all concerns and give an honest answer.

Also, he felt the outside influences from others needs to stop or, at least, be constructive. 

Finally, Comito said he believes in having open discussions with residents. This includes letting them have their say and then discuss their concerns.

Leadership is important and Comito said he hopes to bring his experiences from the past to assist in the issues affecting Fox Chase.


James Hall

The long-time incumbent did not return candidate survey form.


Mike Higgins

As a regular attendee at the Fox Chase council meetings, Higgins said it is apparent that some elected officials are not willing to treat the residents with respect and open-mindedness.

As a councilman, Higgins said it would be important to consider all ideas and opinions before making any decisions. He felt the residents needed to be treated with respect and not rudely, as has happened in the past.

The retired machinist for Philip Morris said he has the time to be involved in the community and listen to what the people have to say.

He is already a member of the Bullitt County Strategic Planning Committee, attends fiscal court meetings, as well as other committees. Most recently, he was appointed to serve on the Kentucky Turnpike Water District to close out that entity.

Higgins said he has been involved with the community, including volunteering his time as a tutor at Hebron Middle School.

“I will strive to let all citizens know that their concerns, opinions and ideas are valid and their participation is needed and welcomed,” said Higgins.


Lottie Judd

Lottie Judd served two years on the city council and she is looking to return to the town board.

Her number one goal is to have the voices of the people heard by elected officials.

Her plans for the next two years would all involve more communication between the city officials and the residents.

For example, she feels newsletters and website updates would assist the people being informed of the issues and decisions to be considered prior to a vote. Also, she said with new faces on the city council, there might be better communication with the citizens.

Finally, Judd said there should be explanations to the public before any expenditures are made.

In campaigning, Judd said she would stress that she is a good listener who will work for the people of the city.


Loretta Morgan Napier

The incumbent did not return candidate survey form


Sandy Osborne

Better communications between the elected officials and the public is the key goal for Sandy Osborne.

The homemaker said that she would listen to the people and not work against them.

“The people in Fox Chase need to work together to make it a better community,” said Osborne.

As councilmember, Osborne wants to get more of the residents involved and that would be helped by informing them of what is going on.

She also wants the mayor and council to be straight with the public when questions are asked.

Finally, she wants the council and mayor to show respect for the citizens and not resort to name calling.

She pledges to be a councilmember who will have pride in her community and listen to the concerns of the people and then do what is best for the city and its residents.


Philip Puckett

For Philip Puckett, his years of experience in business and construction combined with his willingness to volunteer his time makes him a candidate worthy of re-election to the Fox Chase City Council.

Seeking his second term on the council, Puckett said his 25 years in the construction business and his 25 years of running a successful business provides him with some unique qualities.

Puckett took off work to attend state municipal meetings to help him be a better leader and advocate for the city.

Over the next two years, Puckett said he wants to continue to keep tax rates in check, which would require volunteering to do as much as possible to keep down expenses.

He would also like to keep the city streets in good condition by monitoring the surfaces and utilizing interlocal agreements for paving work.

Finally, he would like to keep city services at the same or even higher quality. Once again, that would require some volunteering.

In seeking another term, Puckett said that leadership is important and he has proven that by volunteering to solve issues, having the experience to organize a plan to deal with an issue and having the ability to solve the issue.


David Selby

David Selby believes that there must be more open and respectful conversation between the elected officials and the residents in the city of Fox Chase.

The coordinator of the city’s Block Watch program believes that he is a good listener and a person with an open mind. Both are needed to improve the lines of communication.

Selby would like more citizen access to the city’s web page, which could also spur more communication with the residents.

Knowing the needs and concerns of the residents prior to making a decision is important, said Selby, who has spent 33 years with the Kentucky Air National Guard and is a human resource adviser.

He would also like to see the city and county develop formal agreements to deal with emergency situations. And he understands it might cost the city a little money to get these safeguards in place.

Through his work experience and his 50-plus years in the community, Selby feels he can bring solid leadership to the Fox Chase City Council.


Owen Taylor

For five years, Owen Taylor has served the people of Fox Chase as a councilman.

He would like to return for another term.

“I will be community-minded and will work with others on their concerns,” said Taylor, who is retired.

The major issues for the council will be to keep taxes from being increased while being vigilant on making sure expenditures are closely watched.

He also wanted to help his neighbors and encourage their participation in city government.

He considers himself to be a level-headed councilman who will also listen to the concerns of others. And he wants to ensure the community remains safe.


Alice White

The former mayor and former council member did not return candidate survey form.


Lois Whitis

Lois Whitis spent 41 years helping those in medical need as a registered nurse.

Now, she would like to help the city of Fox Chase get over some bumps and bruises.

Whitis is running for one of the six city council seats.

“I care about the welfare of the residents of Fox Chase,” said Whitis. “I know how city and county government works because I attend the city council meetings and fiscal court meetings.”

She said the goal on the council should be to provide residents with the rights of free speech. Residents should also be treated with respect and dignity.

Whitis said the records should be open to the public and there should be transparency in government.

She believes in working together and letting the majority rule. And she believes there should be the ability to work together to solve issues.


Jamie Wolz

As a retired licensed plumber and Jefferson County worker in license bureau and the clerk’s office, Jamie Wolz feels she brings a unique set of assets to the Fox Chase City Council.

“Voters should support me because I have the education, experience and knowledge to be an excellent councilwoman,” said Wolz.

She serves as a Block Watch captain and is active in the community. Also, she said her strong willed nature would enable her to get things done.

As a councilmember, Wolz would like to see the Homeowners Association, which has no legal connection to city government, become more visible. She said residents move into the community and do not know the by-laws which are in the homeowners association. She felt people should be informed of these rules.

Wolz was against unnecessary spending, such as hiring outside police agencies. She said existing state police and sheriff’s deputies are already available and paid for through taxes.

And, she said everyone should have a voice. The said the mayor and council should listen to the concerns and then get people an answer.

“As a leader, I will advocate for Fox Chase members to be heard and decisions made in the best interest of our community,” said Wolz.