Dresses galore for your little miss now in Hillview

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       Do you have a little girl that loves to shop? Are you looking for a good place to go for a mother-daughter day? Little Miss Dress Up opened up on 1547 A Old Preston Highway North, Louisville, KY 40299 on June 3rd.

     The owner Marietta McKinney and her husband had traveled throughout the world and wanted to find a small community to open this business. “My husband traveled a lot for work, we have lived in China and Germany,” McKinney said. “When our kids grew up, we moved here and I had been thinking about opening this shop for about a year.”

     The shop was able to open within three weeks after McKinney found the right location. “We had looked at different places and I liked where we end up,” McKinney said. “I was very ambitious to open it. I had my family and friends help me. We worked from 8 am- 10 pm. Anything I needed to help me repair it I bought here in Bullitt county.”

     McKinney’s daughter Mindy was the inspiration for the “Little Miss” logo. “I have pictures of her at the shop when she was two,” McKinney said. “She loved to wear dresses everywhere, to school, church, etc.”

     There are many different dresses and accessories for girls at the shop. “I hope dresses are the vocal point of the shop,” McKinney said. “I also sell other little girls clothes from size 6 months to size 12. These are not just formal dresses, there are also causal ones too. I also have accessories such as shoes, little purses, tiaras, etc.”

     McKinney said she offers things for adults when it comes to a wedding. “A bridal party is welcome to shop here,” McKinney said. “I will have jewelry available for them. Along with flower girl dresses.”

     The store will have things available to Natural pageants, not for any Glitz ones. “I try to keep my prices affordable,” McKinney said. “Most of my dresses are under $70 dollars, not like the ones other stores sell for nearly $600.”

     McKinney has fittings available for customers. “Right now the only service I have are fittings,” McKinney said. “I hope to have tea party available for little girls soon.”

     McKinney said she is happy with how the store turned out. “I wanted to open it here because it has the small town shopping experience,” McKinney said. “I love the community feel of it.”

     There is no website for the store right now. McKinney said they are in process of building one.

     Little Miss Dress Up is opened from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Mon. - Sat. Sundays are only available by appointment which you can set up in advance. The phone number is 502-955-5497.