Driving a bus

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 I have been substituting as a Bullitt County Bus Driver the last few weeks and I want to share a few things I have learned. A dozen reasons why driving a school bus is very stressful.

1. Keep the children safe at all costs.

2. Watching the traffic – people who runs stop signs or pull out in front of the bus, and at the same time watching the bus gauges and students.

3. Completing paperwork, then redoing it as students move in and out.

4. Trying to stay on schedule.

5. Finding roads, houses and turn arounds in the dark.

6. Dealing with students who misbehave and still watching the road.

7. Staying current with ever changing rules and regulations.

8. Keeping the bus clean even when a child gets sick.

9. Taking care of health needs of the students.

10.Redoing route sheets when a student is added or deleted.

11. Driving on icy roads.

12. Trying to please students, parents, school principals, transportation compound employees, Central Office people and Board members.

SO WHY do the drivers do it year after year? Because they are dedicated and care about your children. I invite you to THANK your child’s driver.

And while we are showing appreciation – I want to THANK those individuals who have safely stopped their vehicles and let me, and other drivers, safely pull out of roads like Beech Grove road, Armstrong Lane, Hwy. 1020, Greenbriar, school parking lots and the various subdivisions (and a multitude of other roads).

Thank you for stopping at our stop signs and patiently waiting as we safely load and unload our students! Just keep in mind as we share the road, we are carrying our future. So drive carefully when you see that big yellow school bus.

 Linda Belcher