Eastside cheerleaders go on mission to clean up, assist area groups

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By Alex Wimsatt

 MOUNT WASHINGTON - Between going to school and practicing four to five times a week, it's hard to imagine Eastside Middle School cheerleaders have time for anything else, much less community service. 


But somehow these youngsters manage to balance it all and they recently stepped up their service efforts. 

In light of National School Spirit Week and the Universal Cheerleaders Association's Community Service Week Eastside cheerleaders participated in a number of service initiatives. 

In addition to helping raise $215 for the National Kidney Foundation through Eastside's  penny war, Eastside cheerleaders participated in two fundraisers hosted by Kettle Creek in Mount Washington and Aspen Creek in Fern Creek. 

The cheerleaders bussed tables and hosted each night and for their efforts each restaurant donated a portion of the proceeds to worthy causes. 

Kettle Creek gave to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Aspen Creek gave $430 to the Prescott Lee Goodman Bikes With Wings Foundation. 

The cheerleaders rounded out the week by picking up trash along Old Bardstown Road, the Mount Washington Bypass and Highway 44 in Mount Washington. 

The squad is also helping out with Eastside's homeroom challenge food drive for Mount Washington Community Ministries. 

It should also be mentioned that for the past three years the squad has made monthly visits to Louisville's Home of the Innocents, where the cheerleaders throw birthday parties for children who are medically fragile.

"They really want to give back," said Eastside cheerleading coach Carrie DeBold. "It's inspiring."