Efforts begin to show unity within county

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Our Views

 OK, the economy still stinks and gas prices are higher than we would like.

There is still too much friction between elected officials, at times.

But things are looking up. Over the past few months, there are some very positive things happening which bode well for Bullitt County’s future.

First, a large group of individuals have gotten together under the urging of state Rep. Linda Belcher to begin work on a strategic plan.

Committees are currently meeting and there is a real cross-section of individuals who are serving.

The committees are working and will soon be coming together to work on an overall plan to be unveiled to the public.

This county has lacked long-range planning for years. It is encouraging to see that group is working for a common goal.

Another encouraging sign is the work of an Unite Bullitt County reapportionment committee for the state House of Representatives and state Senate districts.

With the new Census numbers, everyone is scurrying to get new boundaries. Bullitt County will probably not see much of a change in its sharing of a Senate seat with Spencer and Shelby counties.

However, there must be a change to the current setup of where Bullitt Countians are shared by four House representatives. This county should have no problem having two representatives living in Bullitt. It will require a few other precincts from other counties to make this possible.

The encouraging thing is that no matter the political party, everyone is on the same page. They are all on the same page for Bullitt County.

We will see how the politics play out this fall.

Finally, a celebration was held on Friday to honor the work of the Arla Foundation.

On the first day of operation at the Jewish Hospital medical facility five years ago, Dr. Mohana Arla was talking about getting a college campus in the county.

Five years later, the Arla Foundation has been instrumental in helping Jefferson Community and Technical College have a growing program in a temporary campus on Buffalo Run Road.

Many people have come together to not only assist with the Arla Foundation but to also promote the community college. 

We hope that the continued push of state legislators to find funding for the actual campus will continue.

Each of these three activities gives one confidence that with the right situation, we can work together. We hope there are many more opportunities for a united effort.