ELECTION 2008: Turnout over 63 percent; look for split in precincts

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Still seeking to have the final results completed by 10 p.m. on an election night, Bullitt County Clerk Kevin Mooney was pleased with what happened on Tuesday despite not quite making his goal.


And a record number of Bullitt Countians came to the polls, which will result in election officials decision to start looking at redistricting for the 2010 campaign.

Over 31,000 voters went to cast ballots on Tuesday, representing about 63 percent turnout, according to Mooney.

“We have a heavy turnout,” said Mooney. “The poll workers did a fantastic job.”

For the presidential election, Mooney said there were over 3,000 brand new potential voters registered.

Placing additional voting machines in larger precincts and spending more time during the poll worker training session, Mooney said both paid off.

Many of the polls had lines still at 6 p.m. but all were finished voting by 7:30 p.m. Results were released around 10:30 p.m.

He was more surprised at the number of people lined up before the polls even opened at 6 a.m.

Mooney said there were isolated questions at the polls, especially with write-in votes, and some mechanical issues. However, he said there were no complaints of electioneering at the polls.

With no elections in 2009, officials will be busy looking at splitting precincts and looking for new voting locations for others. Several sites with multiple precincts ran into problems, including parking.

The Beech Grove 17 precinct is a large one that will definitely see a change, said Mooney.

The goal is to keep voting precincts in the community but he said some of the voters south of the Salt River could look forward to a new location in 2010.

At this point, Mooney said no one has asked for a recanvass. That second look at the tapes would be required to be made by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 12. The procedure would be done the next morning at 9 a.m.

County elections

In less than a month, Linda Belcher has had to go through the sudden death and burial of her husband, Larry, the nomination by her party to run for the 49th District House of Representatives seat and then the campaign.

On Tuesday, Belcher had a few moments to relax as she was selected by the voters to succeed her husband in the state General Assembly.

Belcher, who was appointed by the Democratic Party to be on the ballot, defeated long-time Shepherdsville councilmember Trina Summers.

Belcher collected 10,954 votes to 9,347 for Summers.

“It is a relief,” said Belcher, a retired educator. “But I am also grateful for the help everyone gave me.”

There was little rest as just two days after the election, Belcher was invited to attend a meeting in Fort Knox on the base closure project.

“I feel honored that I will be able to continue the projects Larry supported and endorsed,” said Belcher.

She hopes to assume the committee assigned held by her husband.

With a very short campaign, Belcher said she worked hard and hoped the county’s strong Republican trends during presidential years didn’t hurt her efforts.

None of the other three House representatives on the ballot who cover a portion of the county had opposition.

Jeff Greer, representing the western portion of the county, collected 2,030 votes, while David Floyd, representing the area east of Bardstown Road, had 1,681 votes.

Dwight Butler, representing southern Bullitt County, had 2,471 votes.

In the race for District Judge, Jennifer Porter outdistanced both of her opponents to assume the final two years of Bailey Taylor’s term. This summer, Taylor retired from the bench and has served since that time under the senior judge status.

Porter has 11,262 votes to 8,512 for John Wooldridge and Nick Raley’s 3,515.

“I’m honored,” said Porter. “I’m thrilled with the results.”

Porter said a key to her success was the positive campaign she followed. While opponents questioned her experience, Porter said she focused on her varied background both inside and outside the courtroom.

“I stayed positive and I talked about myself,” said Porter.

While eager to get started, she also has the task of closing out her private legal practice.

Porter didn’t know if she would be appointed prior to the end of the year since the vacancy technically exists and the nominating committee has been appointed.

Current officeholder John St. Clair won the race for the final two years of the county surveyor’s position.

St. Clair, who was appointed to the position after failing to file for the 2006 race, collected 171 write-in votes. L. Alan Hartley collected 28 write-in votes.

In the race for soil and water conservation district supervisors, four slots are available but only three were on the ballot.

Lewis Skidmore led the way with 10,724 votes, followed by Don Samuels (9,756) and Hyte Rouse Jr. (9,524). Norman D. Philpot, who had 38 write-in votes, will fill the fourth position.

In the race for President, Bullitt County overwhelmingly supported Sen. John McCain. The Republican had 20,102 votes compared to 10,177 for Sen. Barack Obama, who would ultimately become the next President.

In the race for U.S. Senator, Mitch McConnell had the support of Bullitt County and the state. McConnell secured 17,579 votes to Bruce Lunsford’s 12,647.

In the U.S. House of Representatives race in the Second District, Republicans will hold on to the seat currently held by retiring Ron Lewis of Hardin County.

State Sen. Brett Guthrie received 16,761 votes to state Sen. David Boswell’s 12,601.

The election results are now listed as official by the county clerk’s office.





President and Vice President of the United States:

*John McCain/Sarah Palin (REP) 20,102

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (DEM) 10,177

Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez (IND) 275

Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root (LIB) 87

Chuck Baldwin/Robert E. Thornsberry (CON) 85


United States Senator:

*Mitch McConnell (REP) 17,579

Bruce Lunsford (DEM) 12,647


United States Representative in Congress - 2nd Congressional District:

*S. Brett Guthrie (REP) 16,761

David E. Boswell (DEM) 12,601


State Representative - 18th Representative District:

*Dwight D. Butler (REP) 2,471


State Representative - 27th Representative District:

*Jeff Greer  (DEM) 2,030


State Representative - 49th Representative District:

*Linda Howlett Belcher (DEM) 10,954

Trina Summers (REP) 9,347


State Representative - 50th Representative District:

*David W. Floyd (REP) 1,681


City Council - City of Fox Chase:

*Wayne C. Muscar 202

*James M. Hall 190

*Phillip Woodruff 188

*Owen D. Taylor 187

*William Winbun 174

*Lottie Judd 143

Ted Judd 136


City Council: City of Hebron Estates:

*James Duddy 291

*James Tucker 285

*Russell Forshee 264

*David Allen 251


City Council - City of Hillview:

*Kim Whitlock 1,715

*Jim Burton 1,714

*Jo-Ann Wick 1,714

*Harry Cooper 1,671

*Randall Hill 1,645

*Tim Boggs 1,634


City Counci - City of Hunters Hollow:

*Ronald Parker 70


City Council - City of Lebanon Junction:

*Larry Dangerfield 472

*Tim Sanders 388

*Wendy Parrish 373

*Randall Logsdon 368

*Ozzie Maraman 350

*Earl Collins 318

Annette House 317

Jeannie Noltemeyer 311

Charles Waters 279

Mary Phillips 232


City Council - City of Mount Washington:

*Larry Porter 3,001

*Gary Lawson 2,700

*Lloyd "Shot" Dooley 2,646

*Dale Walter 2,396

*Barry Armstrong 2,378

*E. Dennis Griffin 2,321

Brent Wheeler 2,314

Greg Gentry 2,292

Clifton Hudson 2,208

Emily Jasper Rucker 2,129

Kent Roby 1,660


City Council - City of Pioneer Village:

*Peggy Druin 646

*Robert Hester 572

*Denver Matthews 570

*Phillip Radford 567

*Darlene Herps 554

*Dorleen Garrett 551


City Council - City of Shepherdsville:

*Larry Hatfield 2,124

*Don Cundiff 2,034

*Tony Miller 1,964

*Alan Wetzel 1,949

*Bonnie Enlow 1,937

*Scott Ellis 1,926

Margaret Moore 1,843

Stacey Dawson Cline 1,836


District Judge - 55th Judicial District, 2nd Division:

*Jennifer Porter 11,262

John Wooldridge 8,512

Nick Raley 3,515


Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors:

*Lewis Skidmore 10,724

*Don Samuels 9,756

*Hyte Rouse, Jr. 9,524


Board of Education - 1st Educational District:

*Lorraine McLaughlin 1,637

Donna Miller 1,559


Board of Education - 2nd Educational District:

*Gary Wooldridge 2,953

Arlis Hill 1,450


Board of Education - 3rd Educational District:

*Tim Wiseheart 2,617

David Cross 1,643

Carl "Bud" Johnson, Jr. 1,583


Board of Education - 4th Educational District:

*Dolores Ashby 3,017


Board of Education - 5th Educational District:

*Sammy G. Allen 3,261