Elections bring out the best, worst in all

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My Views

By The Staff

By the time this hits the presses, the elections of 2008 will be concluded.

At least, that is the hope.

Sitting here nursing a bad back and trying to watch a few TV programs between the commercials, it gives reason for some non-partisan pause and reflection.

Can it be true that there will be no elections in Kentucky in 2009? What will we do?

Isn’t it great to see all the negative advertising you see in the media? And the candidates have to make some silly comment that they endorse the message.

It’s pretty upsetting and confusing to see one commercial telling us how one candidate is going to raise our taxes and the next 30-second spot is his or her opponent saying the same thing.

No wonder people get disenfranchised.

And then, for many every four years during a presidential election, the voters get inspired to come out to the polls. Not only do they vote on their presidential choice but they wildly vote on other local races in which they have no idea who they are voting for.

Sorry, the medicine is kicking in....

Then, we get all upset when a candidate mentions something about spreading the wealth.

I may be totally wrong but that’s been happening for years and years and years. Sorry if Joe the Plumber suddenly doesn’t like it but it is a fact of life.

The government takes tax dollars and funds a lot of great programs.

The answer to federal spending is to get control over some of the things they fund. Run the government like a business.

Outgoing U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis had a good idea several years ago. I believe he proposed freezing any new federal grants or programs for a year.

If it wasn’t Lewis, I’m sorry. It is an idea the government should consider.

The city of Shepherdsville recently was awarded a $600,000 grant over four years to help hire six additional full-time firefighters.

No offense. The help is more than appreciated because if it wasn’t Shepherdsville it would be another agency.

But if the city has to hire firefighters, it should be the ones paying for it. At the end of the four years, it will be fully responsible.

I digress once again...must by that IcyHot stuff that Shaq uses for sore muscles.

Think of how many worthwhile projects could have been funded with the millions and millions of dollars spent on election material and advertisements.

No matter who won the race for U.S. Senator in Kentucky, there is no way their annual income would ever cover what they both spent in the campaign.

And who would have thought that the World Series would back up the start time of a game so a candidate could buy 30 minutes of airtime?

A crazy world in which we live.

What would you do if you were president of the United States?

With too much time on my hands, I figured lets make a list....

First, I would surround myself with all  my friends. Oops....sorry....wrong answer.

The people running for the top office have to be surrounded by the smartest of the smart. They must be well versed on thousands of issues.

Even this straight A Magna Cum Laude graduate isn’t ready to tackle that feat.

Finding the right staff would be the toughest challenge.

Of course, the logical thing is to keep as many of the current staff members as possible. Those are people who work hard every day. They deserve to stay.

The ones higher on the food chain might be the ones needing to prove their worth.

Second, every federal department and every federal agency would be given 30 days to justify every nickel they spend.

Impossible? Probably but that is what businessmen and businesswomen do on a daily basis.

When you are justifying every expenditure, you feel more accountable.

There are great programs and there are programs that are a waste. You read about it daily. Whether it is federal grants for a university that went bad or for a housing project that went sour, this should not happen.

Third, I would personally meet with every agency and get to know what is happening.

Once again, impossible. However, if you have all these important people running their agencies, the President should not be burdened with too many day-to-day decisions.

And he or she sure doesn’t have to worry about cutting the grass, going to the grocery or cleaning the house.

Of course, there is no way any normal people who haven’t been involved in politics for decades could ever make a run for such a lofty office.

There is no way for a normal business person to make such a bid. But don’t you think there’s some common sense things that could be done to save money and make people feel better about their country.

Oh well, the campaign signs are coming down and the endless letters of endorsements have come to a close. It must be time for life after the election.

There’s only one thing for sure — some of those people who spent a lot of money trying to get your vote will soon be ready to take office.

We trust they all do the right and sensible thing.

Oops...that medication is making me delirious. I’m typing oxymorons now. Better go.