Ex-library aide will serve time for crime

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By Thomas Barr

 MOUNT WASHINGTON - A former library aide at Bullitt East High School will have to serve six months in the county jail for his role in an improper relationship with a student.

Chester Leon Faith, 46, entered a new guilty plea on Monday in Bullitt Circuit Court.

Faith, who was terminated by the school district immediately after his arrest, was charged with a single count of sexual abuse.

During an October plea agreement, Faith would have received probation on a three-year sentence.

However, Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress informed attorneys for both sides that he would not accept the plea.

He said it would have been an injustice and the penalty would not be appropriate for the crime.

Defense attorney Lorie Rakes and prosecutor Mike Ferguson worked out another agreement.

In this deal, Faith would serve 180 days without an early release. The rest of the three-year sentence would be probated for five years.

The father of the victim, who was then 16 years old, agreed with the jail time.

Faith did not speak during Monday’s proceedings. Since the pre-sentence report and the sex offender evaluation had been completed recently, final sentencing was also completed on Monday.

Rakes said her client wanted to get the matter settled as soon as possible.

As part of the conditions of the plea agreement, Faith must sign up with the state sex offender registry. He will remain on the listing for 20 years.

He would be required to complete a sex offender treatment program. And he would have no position of authority or supervision of any adolescents.

He could not live with or date a person with a female child without the consent of his therapist. He could have approved contact with his daughter.

Burress said the probation was granted only because the sex offender report listed Faith as a low risk to offend again.

If the victim should require any type of treatment in the future, Faith would be required to pay for that.

“I can’t explain it,” Faith responded to a question in October from Circuit Judge Rodney Burress on why he had an encounter with a then-16-year-old student.

“I went through a strange time,” said Faith.

Rakes said there was no sexual intercourse during the encounters and that Faith had no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket.

Ferguson said Faith was a library aide at Bullitt East and the victim waited there after school until her parents picked her up.

He said she knew Faith for two years. At some point, the two shared a kiss at school and that led to after-school meetings.

The indictment alleged that between Feb. 15, 2013, and March 15, 2013, someone with a position of authority or special trust had sexual contact with a minor.

At the time of the original plea agreement, the victim’s father said it was in the best interest of his daughter. But he said it was difficult to understand why his daughter was placed in that situation.

Sending a child to school, he felt it would be a safe place.

The girl’s mother said it was the best decision at this time to settle the case.

With Faith no longer employed at the school and with her daughter having no contact with him, the mother said things were good.

Calling her daughter a very trusting person, the mother said that things were going well. The A-B student is looking forward to graduating and then attending college.

The charge came when Faith and the victim were found in his vehicle late one night by Mount Washington police. Faith was immediately terminated by the Bullitt County Public School System.