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 Election time! Exercise your right to vote! Vote for the candidate of your choice How many of us did not get to vote for the candidate of our choice in the Primary held on May 20? We were limited in our choice of candidates due to how we were registered to vote. Some were not allowed to vote at all because there were no independent candidates in the running. Is there anyone out there who thinks this is unfair?

As a registered Democrat in Bullitt County I had no choice in the election of either the County Attorney or the Sheriff because all of the candidates were on the Republican ballot. A total of4981 votes decided who would be the new county attorney. 5062 votes decided the race for sheriff. What percentage of  of votes is that compared to the total number of registered voters in Bullitt County? Shouldn’t all registered voters have a say in who is elected, even if there is no candidate to represent their party?

Yes, you do have a choice, some will will say, because you can cross party lines in November. but what if the candidate you prefer is defeated in the primary, in which you had no say? Then the choice becomes which of the candidates do you vote for in November when you don’t like any of them. That is not a choice at all.

Perhaps the Primary outcome would be different if party lines were allowed to be crossed. Perhaps that is what the Party leaders don’t want to happen. Perhaps it is time to change voting laws so the people who vote feel like they have a real choice in who is elected.

Helen Olliges

Mount Washington