Expanding Medicaid

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 Kentucky has the chance to provide health care coverage to Kentuckians ages 50-64. Expanding Medicaid will enable adults making just $15,000 per year to get the health care they need. Without the expansion, uninsured adults will continue to go without care or receive charity care in hospital emergency rooms. And since taxpayers pay for charity care, expanding Medicaid can save taxpayers money.

AARP believes everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. That includes millions of 50-64 year olds across the nation who have lost their jobs, are struggling to find new ones and can’t get affordable health care.

This means that some 47,000 Kentuckians age 50-64 could qualify for Medicaid. This would be particularly helpful to those older workers who are out of work and don’t have access to reasonably priced health insurance as they search for employment. This issue is particularly important to individuals who are over 50 and not yet eligible for Medicare.

Expanding Medicaid will provide coverage for the individuals who have paid in all their lives but now are struggling to make ends meet. In addition, it will give people without insurance access to preventive care that can save lives and ease dangerous and expensive emergency room overcrowding that costs all of us.

Medicaid expansion will increase access of health care coverage to over 47,000 Kentuckians who desperately need it and infuse Kentucky’s economy with hundreds of millions of dollars. It is the right thing to do.

Frank R. Hatfield