Fatalities should not be reason to make changes

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Our Views

By The Staff

    How many times has it been said that road improvements won’t be made until there is a fatality?

    The number of fatalities on a roadway should not be reason for highway improvements.

    But, if that is the criteria, the state should find the money to make improvements on Highway 61 and Highway 44.

    Currently, plans are awaiting money to continue the improvements on Highway 61 from Pioneer Village to Shepherdsville.

    Too late. The dangerous curve just south of the skating rink suffered another death on Monday.

    We know that money is an issue. But at some point, the transportation funding must be done on the basis of need and not power.

    There is no one who can deny that Highway 44 is in need of improvements. After that, we know that Highway 61 needs improvements, at least from John Harper Highway to Bells Mill Road.

    Spending money on worthy projects should be done. Spending money just to be spending money in certain districts is wrong.

    During times of tight dollars, construction cannot stop. But it is during these times that effective leaders must come forward in Frankfort and in Washington. Make sure the money is spent wisely.

    No one will be upset if the money is spent for good projects, even if it is in another area. What people will get upset at is if the money is thrown away on stupid projects.

    Get the good projects on a list and fund them as far as the money will go. When more money is available, continue down the list.

    This should go for local, state and national projects. It’s not rocket science.