Fifth Avenue residents look to city for aid from thefts, vandalism

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Residents of Fifth Avenue off Old Preston Highway are tired of it. And they are looking for some help from city officials.

Residents told Shepherdsville city councilmembers of the vandalism, thefts and large number of young people walking the streets at all hours of the night.

But at the end of the night, no real solutions were found for their troubles.

A handful of residents were eager to tell officials of the problems and their desire to have some assistance.

“They rip and run the roads all night,” said Gale Audrey. “Is there anything we can do?”

Several mentioned the possibility of a curfew or more police officers in the area to patrol.

They said vandalism was common ee" from tearing down mailboxes to egging homes. Things were stolen from trucks and cars on the street.

Lisa Simmons said people are getting scared because of the activities. If you look out the window at 2 a.m., she said kids are walking the streets.

“I’m getting tired of it,” said Aubrey.

From a safety standpoint, street signs are being torn down, which could make it difficult for emergency vehicles to find a home at a time of need.

Councilman Larry Hatfield felt the city had a curfew at some point but didn’t know if one was in effect currently.

Police chief Doug Puckett wasn’t sure if there was a curfew on the books but those have been difficult to enforce in many areas.

He said patrol has been increased in the area over the past month but he hasn’t seen an increase in the number of calls for assistance.

While he can’t control what happens after the cases get to court, he can control where his officers patrol. Puckett said if the residents don’t continue to call dispatch, his officers won’t be able to respond.

Puckett and mayor Sherman Tinnell both encouraged residents to get a Block Watch program started.

“I know it’s bad over there,” said Tinnell. “But don’t ever stop calling the police.”

He said the Block Watch program helped when problems arose in the Forest Hill Road area and he felt it could help in the Salt River area.

Councilmember Bonnie Enlow agreed that she’s seen how effective the Block Watch programs can be in the city.

Hatfield asked if someone could check on whether a curfew ordinance is still in place.

“I’d love to have it,” said Puckett, who encouraged people to call anytime they see something suspicious.

If they know the person doesn’t live in the area or shouldn’t be out late at night, Puckett encouraged them to call so the police can come by and get some information on those who are out.

That information may not lead to an immediate arrest but could prove valuable later, said Puckett.