Final buzzer could be near for basketball goals on city streets

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By Stephen Thomas

HUNTERS HOLLOW - The shot clock will soon run out on basketball goals in the city of Hunters Hollow.

The city council discussed what actions they would take pertaining to portable basketball goals left along city streets.

The city has an ordinance that does not allow unattended goals next to right-of-ways. The ordinance was created for both traffic and safety issues.

Notification of the ordinance was previously distributed throughout the city, with the problem decreasing.

Mayor Linda Parker said with warmer weather approaching the problem is beginning to reoccur.

“I hate to take a goal away from the kids,” she said.

Council members mentioned that not all the goals are used by children.

City attorney Mark Edison reminded the council that the city could confiscate unattended goals left along the street at any time.

Once confiscated, the owner would need to pay moving fees to reclaim the goals.

The council agreed to allow one more courtesy public warning before the goals are confiscated on a regular basis if necessary.

- The council unanimously opposed an ordinance request created by Bullitt County Planning and Zoning.

The countywide ordinance would allow for gas storage in all zoned areas including Residential.

“If one of those tanks exploded in a Residential zone, there’s a lot of lives that could be lost,” Parker said.

- The council discussed trading its current lawnmower for a newer model.

The city’s current mower is 10 years old. Parker said she could get a new one on an even trade with the older model.

The council approved Parker to make the move within a reasonable manner.

- Edison presented the first reading of the city’s 2009-10 budget ordinance.

Little change was made from the 2008-09 ordinance, with nearly $70,000 in available resources budgeted toward appropriations.

The biggest difference was in Municipal Aid Road funding, dropping from the 2008-09 amount of $44,700 to this year’s budgeted $30,900.

Estimated revenue increases include almost $2,500 in insurance tax and an additional $400 in telecommunications tax.

A second reading and approval of the 2009-10 ordinance will take place at the council’s June meeting.

- The next meeting of the Hunters Hollow City Council takes place Tuesday, June 16, 7 p.m., at the Jewish Hospital Medical Center South meeting hall. The public is invited to attend.