Final day for students set for Friday, May 27

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By Emily Nalley, Special Writer

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Students in Bullitt County’s public schools will get out a little earlier than expected this year.

Of course, that contingent on no additional days of school being missed for a late spring snowfall.

The Bullitt County Public School Board unanimously voted Monday evening to make Friday, May 27, as the final day for classes.

Graduation will now be held on May 27 for Riverview High at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre and on Saturday, May 28, at Broadbent Arena for Bullitt East (11 a.m.), North Bullitt (3 p.m.) and Bullitt Central (7 p.m.).

Pat Smith-Darnell, director of pupil personnel, said the seven version of this year’s calendar should be the final one.

By taking advantage of House Bill 427, the county will add 30 minutes to Friday, May 27. Students were actually supposed to have an early release day on the final day. With the early release set for two hours on May 27, the district will add 30 minutes to meet the state requirements.

All employees would still work on May 31 and June 1, with the closing day remaining on June 2. This fulfills the teacher contracts on the number of days at work.

Smith-Darnell told board members that if the district returned for two days following the Memorial Day weekend, attendance would be low, which could affect the district’s state revenue.

Instead, under the state provisions, the district could wind up classes on May 27 and still have the 1,062 instructional hours required for the year.

Teachers will have student learning activities planned for that final three days of work, according to Greg Schultz, assistant superintendent for student learning.

The district missed seven days of classes this year and dismissed early on one other day.

“I’m happy with it,” said board member Gary Wooldridge. “It’s good for everyone.”

Schultz offered both May 28 and June 4 as graduation dates. Broadbent Arena would be available on May 28 and a portion of the Kentucky Exposition facility would be used if June 4 was selected.

The board unanimously agreed to hold commencement services on Saturday, May 28, with Riverview the night before at Paroquet Springs.