Five face charges for rock throwing

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By The Staff

    BROOKS - A man has been charged and four juveniles will also face charges in a series of alleged incidents where rocks were thrown at passing vehicles.

    In one of the cases, rocks were actually thrown at a man walking on North Lakeview Drive.

    Det. Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department said that reports started on May 24 of a charcoal-colored Mustang having occupants that were throwing large rocks at passing vehicles.

    Four cases were confirmed in northern Bullitt County and McGaha said one of the victims got a partial license number.

    With that information, McGaha said a warrant was put out for Jordan L. Comstock, 19, of Jefferson County. He was supposed to turn himself into authorities on Friday afternoon.

    Comstock will be charged with several counts of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief.

    McGaha said the teenager admitted to the Bullitt County incidents, as well as an unknown number of cases in Jefferson County, particularly in southern Jefferson County.

    Besides the adult, four juveniles who attend Fairdale High School will be charged in the juvenile court system, according to McGaha.

    McGaha said one victim had over $2,000 in damage to her vehicle and one attack was on a motorcyclist. The only fortunate thing is that no accidents were caused by the rock throwing.

    Louisville Metro Police are also looking into the case.

    McGaha asked that if anyone else had similar reports to call the sheriff's department at 543-2514.