Flood waters stay clear of Bullitt County

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By The Staff

    LEBANON JUNCTION - With an average of seven inches of rain falling over parts of Bullitt County, emergency officials were in action this week in Lebanon Junction.



    Mike Phillips, director of Bullitt County Emergency Management, said it appeared only one street in Lebanon Junction appeared affected by the torrential rains from the weekend.

    Railroad Avenue floodgates had been installed in Lebanon Junction and the gates were ready to install on Highway 434, said Phillips.

    However, he didn’t think that would be needed.

    In spending time with Mayor James “Butch” Sweat the past couple of days, Phillips said it appeared all other areas were safe.

    The biggest issues over the weekend were roads closed due to high water. Within Bullitt County, Phillips said he thought things were in good shape as of Tuesday afternoon.

    Five homes on Railroad Avenue were affected due to a CSX crossing that was removed several years ago but Phillips didn’t think any other streets were closed in the county.

    Highway 61 was blocked near the Beam plant and Highway 434 at the Joe Prather in Colesburg was covered with water.

    In Lebanon Junction, Phillips said the latest estimates would have the water several feet away from the floodgates.

    In Shepherdsville, he said the Salt River levels have actually dropped four foot. He didn’t expect any issues with backwater from the Ohio River.   

    In the First Street Park, fishermen lined the back, which was suddenly above the banks.

    Overall, Phillips said the county fared well, especially with the heaviest rains remaining south.