Forget the heat; don’t forget to visit the Fair

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By The Staff

OK, so it is a little warm. OK, it’s a lot warm.

And, yes, it is a bit muggy. We give...it’s a lot muggy.

So it put a few more curls in Dana Winchell’s hair on Monday night. It still didn’t distract from her beauty and grace in winning the Miss Bullitt County Fair crown.

Forget all the weather-related excuses and be sure to make a visit to the 35th annual Bullitt County Fair.

Once a year, the fairgrounds comes alive with rides, shows, pageants and food. You can throw in a few politicians, if you like.

The annual Bullitt County Fair can’t promise you whether there will be rain, heat or something in between. What it can promise is a pretty good time for the single admission price of $10.

For some, it is a social time to meet up with people they haven’t seen since last summer.

For others, it is an opportunity to see the sights that make Bullitt County so special.

Whatever the reason, we hope you will venture down to the fairgrounds. Even after the sun sets and the temperatures cool a bit, there are still several hours to have some fun.

And who knows, you might get to meet the young lady who was on national TV a few weeks ago or the young woman who might follow in her footsteps.

Come be a part of the Bullitt County Fair. Gates open at 5 p.m. through Friday and at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

There’s plenty of atmosphere and the parking is free.