Fox Chase council able to keep property tax rates same

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By Stephen Thomas

 FOX CHASE - In most cities raising taxes brings about concern, while lowering them means less civic funding.

In Fox Chase, keeping it the same seems to keep everyone happy.

The city council approved ordinances establishing tax rates for real and personal property, as well as utilities, during its March meeting.

City attorney Mark Edison said last year’s real property rate was established at 13.88 cents per $100. That rate was carried over from the previous year.

According to Edison, a compensating rate, which would provide the same amount of funding for the city, would be increased to 14.17.

By state law, the maximum increase was set at 13.98.

Council member Mike Higgins said Bullitt Fiscal Court was raising county taxes, as was the Bullitt County Public School Board. He felt the city should again keep the current rate.

Council member Rocky Comito agreed, noting that a rate increase would result in a minimum financial difference.

Mayor William Broughton mentioned that the city was fortunate to be in a sound financial state at this time.

The council unanimously approved the continued 13.88 rate.

Last year’s personal property and utilities tax rates were set at 17.45. Edison reminded the council that the Kentucky Department of Revenue requires property tax and utilities rates to remain the same.

Council member Owen Taylor felt that the rates should remain the same, just as with the real property rate. The council unanimously agreed.

In other business:

- On advice from the city auditor, Broughton said payment to the mayor’s office, council members and the city clerk would be altered to make certain the city remained in compliance involving tax payments.

The change meant the officials would be paid on a monthly basis rather than a pre-existing sin-month payment.

City clerk Ricki Daniels would maintain payment information via a spreadsheet, subtracting proper tax amounts prior to issue. Broughton said the program would not cost the city anything extra.

- Broughton said a stencil was added at the intersection of Hebron Lane and Sussex Drive signifying a storm water stream.

Stencils were advised by the north end cities’ storm water engineer to properly label all pertinent waterways.

Broughton said he would check with the engineer about the neecissity of placing a second stencil near the creek at Fox Chase Drive.

He thanked Pioneer Village mayor Gary Hatcher for placing the new stencil as a courtesy to the city.

- Former council member Jim Hall was sworn in as a new member of the city’s Ethics committee.

Broughton, Taylor and Higgins were all designated as members of the city’s budget committee.

- The city’s website has received substantial updates.

Daniels said the opening page has a new look and the storm water informational page was updated.

A trash collection holiday schedule provided by Rumpke was also added.

The next meeting of the Fox Chase City Council takes place Tuesday, April 9, 7 p.m., at the Jewish Hospital Medical Center South meeting room. 

The public is invited to attend.