Fox Chase officials enjoy learning from other agencies

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By Stephen Thomas

 FOX CHASE - With five new council members, the city of Fox Chase encourages members to attend other civic function to gain further experience.

Council members have attended other city council meetings, along with Bullitt Fiscal Court, Planning and Zoning and a county-wide comprehensive plan meeting.

Council member Lois Whitis said she was pleased with the comprehensive plan gathering, with many local officials and residents in attendance. 

She encouraged everyone to attend the next event, scheduled May 23, 6 p.m., at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre.

“I hope everybody will come and put some input into it,” she added.

Council member Mike Higgins praised Kriss Lowry, the comprehensive plan director, for running an event with unique brainstorming ideas. He enjoyed everyone dividing into small groups and writing down potential ideas for the plan.

“It was a very interesting meeting,” he said. “It brought up some interesting topics. We’ve had some very intelligent meetings in Bullitt County.”

Higgins also praised a meeting hosted by the Concerned Families of Bullitt County, who addressed concerns about the county’s comprehensive plan.

In other business:

- City attorney Mark Edison presented a first reading of the city’s 2013-14 proposed budget ordinance.

Among the changes from the 2012-13 ordinance was an additional $2,000 alloted for garbage collection bills. City utilities were also raised from $7,400 to $8,500.

An additional $400 was added to the city clerk’s pay. Daniels said the addition would cover social security and taxes that were originally taken out of the salary prior to payment.

- With spring arriving and summer not far away, council member David Selby reminded citizens remain alert when hiring agencies for home improvements.

Selby said to make sure each company has proper licenses and permits.

“Make sure they are a legit company,” he said. “Don’t get ripped off.”

Edison added that building permits needed to be checked and updated.

“If not, you may not get plumbing or electricity,” he said. “You may have to tear down, and you may not find the company again.”

- The next meeting of the Fox Chase City Council takes place Tuesday, May 14, 7 p.m, at the Jewish Hospital Medical Center South meeting room. 

The public is invited to attend.