Fox Chase receives ‘A’ for ‘12 audit

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By Thomas Barr

 FOX CHASE - If a report card was given on the city of Fox Chase’s financial condition, auditor David Buchenberger would give an A.

Buchenberger gave those high marks during his presentation of the audit ending on June 30, 2012.

As with most small cities, the accountant said that Fox Chase would always face the issue of segregation of duties. Ideally, the city clerk would have certain duties and another person would have other duties.

In Fox Chase, he said a change in procedure might help in the future.

Mayor Bill Broughton now picks up the mail and goes through it before giving it to city clerk Recka Daniels.

The other issue which is always part of the audit is the need for the city to have someone on staff that has the ability to do financial reports each month.

In Fox Chase, Buchenberger fills that role in working with the mayor and city clerk to prepare those documents.

In smaller cities, he said it was not possible or practical to have someone on staff with those abilities.

In terms of the financial situation, Buchenberger handed out an A to the city.

At the end of June, Fox Chase had $257,731 in the bank. This was aided by a year in which revenue exceeded expenditures by $47,000.

There were no line items in the budget that were exceeded in spending, which is good.

Property taxes increased slightly but the expenditures were down $13,000 over the previous year. This was due in part to the lack of a police contract with Pioneer Village for the last half of the fiscal year.

“I think you’re in fine shape,” said Buchenberger.

In other business:

*Councilmember Owen Taylor thanked outgoing town board members Jim Hall, Sonny Winbun, Wayne Muscar, Loretta Napier and Philip Puckett for their work over the years.

Hall served for 21 years on the town board.

Broughton also thanked each and presented them with a plaque for their work.

Incoming councilmembers Lois Whitis, Mike Higgins, David Selby, Rocky Comito and Sandy Osborne will join Taylor on the town board. They were sworn into office by state Rep. Linda Belcher.

*Broughton thanked Taylor and Higgins for their work on the decorations and electrical repairs done on the city entrances.

*The city has a new computer. Daniels said the new setup works much better and much faster than the previous one.

Fox Chase spent $500 on the computer, plus any installation and setup charges.

The next meeting of the Fox Chase City Council will be on Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 7 p.m. at the Jewish Hospital community room.

The public is invited to attend.